elf-work is endless, we evolve as long as we live, and as much we challenge our mind.

My curious mind is always taking me to new places physically and mentally.

Psychology, meditation, yoga and creativity are my 4 key paths on my spiritual journey of this endless self-discovery. And i combine them on every step of my existence.

My daily practice is Body, Mind and Spirit, each one for at least 15min a days. At the beginning i was only doing it for 5 minutes, today if i have time will dedicate much more then 15 minutes.

1. For my Body practice i do yoga. Before each session i invoke a feeling of gratitude and a think of a resolution (sankalpa).

To awake the energy, i start the day with sun salutation.

Then i continue with some stretching asanas like:

  • cat pose (majariasana), then
  • joint flexibility practices (pawanmuktasana),
  • palm tree pose or heavenly stretch (tadasana),
  • swaying palm tree pose (tiryak tadasana),
  • hand raising pose (bandha hasta utthanasana),
  • pose of the child (shashankasana) and
  • crocodile pose (makarasana)

At the end i do one of the breathing techniques:

  • observing my natural breath
  • abdominal breathing
  • full yogic breathing
  • the humming bee breath
  • pranayama breathing (one of my favorites), etc

Then if i have time, i do Savasana

And at night i do yoga nidra before sleeping.

2. For my Mind practice i do meditation. In my case i do not do well at all the types of meditations. Still struggling with some as single pointed breath meditation for example.

While my favorite analytical meditation with antidotes, like compassion, loving kindness etc or guided meditations come very easily to me.

3. For my spirit i do whatever at the certain moment fits my heart:

  • dancing
  • singing
  • painting
  • DIY projects, etc

My path up to this moment, to have a regular daily practice was quite long, had my ups and downs and struggled with dedication to it. Always thought of my self that i would be the happiest if i stay spontaneous, i still am, but some structure was necessary to achieve and to gain some clarity and wisdom and stability, which continues to grow day by day.

My choice of living a mindful life with awareness led me to my idea of making the clothes which meets this lifestyle. Yes, for sure, i could wear whatever comfy or sporty  clothes i have, but i grew a desire to have clothes that fits my feelings and my state of mind while doing the practice.

As i enjoy having fragrant sticks for sense of smell, having my Tibetan singing bowl for some nice vibrations that sooth my soul, having a comfy pillow to sit on while meditating, having crystals which i noticed they calm my mind when i hold them while meditating, as well as going to retreats and staying in remote silent places with same minded  people.

With the same concept, i realized that my clothes, mindfully and lovingly handmade with crystals will be one more add to help me on my path to rise my consciousness.

In my next blogs i will go more into details of some breathing techniques, about art therapy, color therapy, crystals, mindful healthy eating. As well as some dogs and cats therapy and benefits we get from helping others.

Love and peace until the next chapter.