About Phanes fashion

Phanes is a clothing brand of authentic sportswear with a sensual touch,
for drifters, for dreamers and for seekers.
The idea came from the need to have clothes which is at the same time
“stylish”, comfortable and appropriate for active life, as well as for leisure time.
At Phanes we aspire to create feminine athleisure garments for doing yoga,
meditating to attending retreats, or just relaxing at home or
grabbing a smoothie with friends after a yoga class.
Overcoming the social directions and understanding creations we try to
make something absolutely infinite, designs and fabrics flow that gives
you feeling of infinite freedom. Phanes fashion has an idea of having just a few basic models but with interesting details, embellished with semiprecious crystals to cover our need for this mindful lifestyle.

About the creator  

After graduating fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, life seemed as if i was on a socially accepted life path. But life had different plans for me. In followed years of traveling and working in many fields from fashion design, interior design to construction, i just lost my self, trying to fit the system, i finally realized i need to find a way back to my self. I was standing in front of the blank canvas of my personality. So it began, a new path, Vanesa in search of her self. I’ve started doing things I’ve enjoyed as a kid, spending more time in the nature, and with animals, volunteering, and researching my passion for art and applied art. I’ve discovered meditation, and yoga, and my life completely changed, i became someone who finally was on a way to live an authentic life. Only thing i was missing (a part of a love partner, a house and a job 🙂  ) was clothes for the lifestyle i was striving for. I didn’t have anything except some fabrics, so i have just let my self go, with infinite freedom to play with. Without any restrictions of what is suitable or acceptable. So this collection came from a personal, and from my yoga and meditation friends perspective, as well as from other authentic people from my life and surroundings which are in search for clothes that will provide them qualities for a “freedom” lifestyle.