Phanes fashion collaborations

Hello dear person who is checking this page. My name is Vanesa, and these are my humble beginnings.
My wish to make this my carrier is one of the things on my life path. Living and working on something that is meaningful to me.
Designing and making clothes which helps you to work on your self. Clothes as a prop to your practice, weather it’s yoga,
meditation, or any other spiritual practice that is your path.
I would be grateful for your inputs, thoughts and ideas, and also collaborations in promoting each other.
I would love to meet you and get a chance to brainstorm about what kind of clothes you are missing on the market.
The whole idea of my handmade brand with crystals from high quality cotton jerseys came from my own and other people needs,
that I’ve met in different kind of retreats, on their way towards the more mindful life.
Please do e-mail me for any brainstorming and collaboration
Thank you 🙂

Marija – My yogic adventure